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What we grow


We grow 40,000 bags of quality potatoes each year. They have a unique flavor from the Hayling soil. The varieties we grow are - Marfona and Mozart. Pop into the shop and ask the staff to recommend the best variety for your dinner.


We grown 100,000 cobs which are freshly picked by hand everyday during the season, which runs from end of August to late September. 

Pumpkins and squashes

We grow 15,000 pumpkins and squashes of all different shapes, sizes and uses. From Cinderella pumpkins perfect for culinary use to Atlantic Giant which are the biggest variety around. We grow many varieties of squashes - Crown prince, Spaghetti, Acorn, Butternut. Pop into the shop from Mid October to see a large display of pumpkins, squash and gourds.


We have been growing sunflowers for the last 2 years, to sell the flowers in the farm shop and leave any left to the bee's and wild life. We will be offering pick you own sunflowers in summer 2019, please like our facebook page for updates. @stokefruitfarmshop


We grow 800 tones of milling wheat, which is farm assured and sold to local mills. 


We grow 200 tones of Blue peas, which are harvested dry. These are then sold in bulk to distributors.

Sam write


We make 10,000+ bales of hay, used for our own animals and the hayling donkey sanctuary

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