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Why not pop in to the farm shop today to get the freshest eggs laid this morning, some still warm!
Trays or 1/2doz boxes of all different sized eggs hand collected straight from the nest boxes.
Would you like eggs laid today? big ones or mediums, maybe double yokers or sometimes pullet eggs? They are a tasty, healthy, fresh local product that have to be tried.
Our hens range over 5 acers of land, and love foraging under the copse of trees. They are fed a high quality diet especially tailored for them, which means that our hens lay beautifully fresh eggs with golden yolks.  All our eggs are collected daily and can be on your plate the same day they are laid! You can’t get fresher than that!
The eggs will last up to 28 days, well … thats if you don’t eat them before! Due to the freshness of eggs they are very hard to peel if you are shelling them, so please buy extra and put them to one side so that they can age slightly before trying.
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