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A manic few weeks on the farm!!!!

Sweetcorn harvest is in full swing and we pride ourselves on picking it fresh everyday so you can get the freshest tastiest cobs around!! This means lovely early mornings getting soaked by the dew in the fields!

We have been busy building the new chicken shed. It's a big project for the farm and will ensure our lovely free range hens have light, airy, spacious new home with a lush grassy paddock too! This will enable us to keep up with the huge demand for today's laid eggs and all the other sizes!!

The potato harvest has been at a slight halt due to the fields being too wet but with this sunshine we will dig today and be bulk harvesting very soon to get the potatoes tucked up in the store ready for winter!

With it being school holiday the kids have had to help most days out on the farm. The all love getting stuck in and helping. Thanks kids.

We were one of the lucky ones who managed to get our wheat in before all the rain but unfortunately our peas are still out in the field awaiting a few hot dry days so we can harvest them as soon as they are dry enough.

The sheep are doing well and the lambs are now out in the chicken paddock. Pumpkins are growing really well in this weather!!! So fingers crossed for October! We are hoping to cut some hay this weekend if the sun stays shining!!

All in all we have had a busy but brilliant summer! Thanks for reading.

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