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Family Bread Run

Click here for video

We collect fresh bread from Westbourne Bakery 6 days a week, but Saturday is a bit more fun with the kids off school. Its the highlight of their week, waking up while its still dark, jumping in the freezing van and heading over to the family run bakery.

The Journey is never dull, with either the 2 girls singing (video) and laughing or some man time with the little man George (mainly tractor talk!). When we arrive they run into the bakery, into the welcoming arms of the Amanda, Michael, Sally, Marie, Mum and Dad! After a quick catch up on the weekly gossip, with the biggest grins they get to choose a yummy biscuit or if they are really lucky a do-nut, which keeps them quiet on the way home. Then its back to the farm shop to get the fresh bread on the shelves before the shop opens.

Westbourne Bakery Bread is so yummy! Pop into our farm shop to get your loaf or even better pop in to see the family at Westbourne Bakery!

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